Hacking AT&T Answering Machines

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Hacking AT&T Answering Machines

Post by pow3r_-_rang3r on Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:41 am

Hacking AT&T Answering Machines
Quick and Dirty by oleBuzzard
Written Today / 14-SEP-95
(c) 1995 <k0p> Communications

1. Dial telephone and wait for AT&T Answering Machine to answer.
2. Quickly Enter the following string.

1234567898765432135792468642973147 (btw: this is the shortest
4193366994488552277539596372582838 string for entering every
491817161511026203040506070809001 possible 2-digit combo.)

3. You'll know you hit the code because the messages will start playing.
4. Heres a list of TouchTone(c) Commands

Listen to messages: 7
Listen to new messages: 6
Stop: #
Rewind Tape: 2
Advance Tape: 5
Clear Messages: 3,3
Record memo: *
Record Announcement: 4,*
Play Announcement: 4,1
Turn System On: 0
Turn System Off: 8,8

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** AC 719.578.8288 / 28.8oo-24oo ** http://www.uccs.edu/~abusby/k0p.html ***


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